The old me? the new me? or the same me???

I don’t know why today was „the day” of sad things. I mean… small things that counts, but in the same time… important enough to make me sad.

All i heard today was that i am still a child, that i should grow up, that i should stop dreaming, that … and that… and that…

What does mature mean? What does dreaming means? or stop dreaming?

What does reality means?

Are not all this what it’s defining us as persons? the way we form us? the way we raise us? Are not all this the most important things in our lifes?

For me… it is the most important that i am able to smile to a flower and love it… and specially the fact that I CAN DO THAT. Many will ask: Jeeesss!!! how came? how can you be so happy that you smile to a flower? and… how can you smile to a flower? This is the biggest secret! This is what makes me feel alive, this is my reason for living!

This is why God left me on this planet. To brong joy to the things arround me just by the fact that i can enjoy them and love them… just for beeing them.

Am i crazy? Am i imature?

I say… i am just a feelings person… i just love to love! Everything!

I hope and i wish for all of those on this Planet… to dream and feel like me… if it would be like this… this world will became more colored…. our souls would be more coloured.

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